How to shorten Google URL

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Why shorten Google Drive URL?

Shorten the Google URL or shorten the Google Maps link, shorten the Google Form link or shorten the Google Sheet link basically to make the sharing path neater, more convenient in sharing the shortened link.

In addition to the reason for shortening the link, shorten Google URL also makes it easier to track access. Normally, when you share a Google Drive link, you will not be able to track the visits and sources of access to this link, through shortening the Google Drive link, you can completely track all parameters related to this link. access, access source...

How to shorten Google URL

The easiest way to shorten Google URL

There are many ways to shorten Google URL. In which the common way is to copy the Google Docs or Google Sheet link and paste it on the homepage of and shorten the link as usual. Another faster option is to use the link shortener on Google Chrome.

Sometimes you may want to shorten the Google Drive link. Maybe you don't have time to copy and paste a lengthy link. You may not want to share the link with others. There are several ways to shorten Google URL.

Shorten Google links by

In parallel with domain, you can shorten Google URL or shorten Google Maps links. Popular link shortening domain is available.

Video tutorial to shorten Google Drive link

This video instructs to shorten Google Drive link by extension, this extension can be installed on Google Chrome browser, Coc Coc browser or Microsoft Edge browser. Please see instructions on how to shorten Google URL with the link shortener on Google Chrome through the video below.